Services - Project Logistics

project logistics

Safatrans project cargo handling offers a wide range of comprehensive services in the important area of complex project business.

We provide ideal cost and time effective solution tailored to our client’s needs. Having Safatrans responsible for the entire logistics process makes it possible for the entire supply chain to smoothly and error free. Safatrans takes full responsibility for the fine tuning of our clients comprehensive supply chains.

Our project services include:

  • Route planning and selection of suitable transport methods
  • Cost planning
  • Negotiation with transport authorities and reviewing of highways, streets, bridges, and tunnels
  • Packing, freight labeling, lashing, securing and storage
  • Setup of provisional roads
  • International transportation, i.e. organization of air, sea, and land transportation
  • Construction site logistics
  • Process management and controlling of all the project

industries covered

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    Textile Logistics

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    Retail Logistics

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    Oil & Gas Logistics